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The table below the information model uses icons in the columns 'Type' en 'Reference'. The meaning of these icons is explained on this page.


Column 'Type'

Block.png HCIM root, the top level of the HCIM.
Folder.png Container. A container is a collection of related elements, which can occur together one or more times.
Verwijzing.png Reference. A reference to another HCIM. The column 'Reference' contains the name of the HCIM as well as a link.
ANY.png Datatype ANY: any of the below mentioned datatypes can be used.
BL.png Datatype BL: boolean. Data element that only represents the values 'Yes/No' of 'True/False'.
CD.png Datatype CD: coded descriptor. Data element that is coded with codesystems like SNOMED-CT, LOINC, G-Standaard, etc. Datatype CD includes:
  • code
  • displayname of the code
  • codesystem name
  • codesystem identification number (OID)
  • original text of the concept
CO.png Datatype CO: coded ordinal. Data element like CD but type CO adds semantics related to ordering to the elements of the codesystem, e.g. little, normal, much, very much. In addition to the elements specified for data type CD, data type CO also consists of a number that represents the order and that makes calculations possible.
ED.png Datatype ED: encoded data. Datatype that is used to represent e.g. images or document blob's.
II.png Datatype II: instance identifier. Data element that uniquely identifies a thing or object, e.g a driving licence number, a passport number, etc. Datatype II includes:
  • identifying number
  • nameof the assigning authority
  • identification number van het number system (OID)

Although it is common to speak of a number, an identifying number may contain alphanumeric characters. An example of this are passport numbers.

INT.png Datatype INT: integer. Data element that contains any of the natural numbers, the negatives of these numbers, or zero.
PQ.png Datatype PQ: physical quantity. Data element that expresses a quantity and a unit of measure, typically the result of a measurement. The units of measure are to be selected from the UCUM system.
ST.png Datatype ST: string. Data element contains textual information.
TS.png Datatype TS: timestamp. Data element contains a date and/or a time. Incomplete dates like 'March 1985' are allowed.
Unknown.png Error: datatype not found. Normally this icon will not be present.

Column 'Reference'

List2.png Reference to a valueset on the same wikipage
AA2.png Reference to an assigning authority of an identifier on the same wikipage
Block.png Reference to another HCIM. Following the hyperlink will open the referenced HCIM page in a new tab.


In the table following the information model the top level element and the containers are preceded by a Arrowdown.png and the other elements by a Arrowright.png
This indicates the container the concept is part of.
With each new container, the list indents further to the right, indicated by a vertical dashed line.
All elements at the same indentation level belong to the same container.